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Press releases: Budget Speech shows that government's not serious about economic development

Whilst complementing the Minister on his professional presentation of the budget speech, something all South Africans can be proud of, the National Employers’ Associa...
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Dear NEASA MemberHerewith a thought-provoking and compelling article by Temba A Nolutshungu, a Director of the Free Market Foundation.CRY THE BELOVED WEALTH CREATORTemba A Nol...
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Videos: Bargaining council agreement illegally obtained

The Metal and Engineering Industry Bargaining Council is the largest bargaining council in South Africa, and joining CNBC Africa is Gerhard Papenfus CE of NEASA to discuss ...
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General: Weekly News Update - 10th February 2014

Introduction The platinum strike was in the spotlight last week, with Minister Trevor Manual warning that SA needs to find a way to secure industrial peace.  There are...
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General: Increase in wages of farmworkers

Dear Neasa member  The Department of Labour has announced new minimum wages for vulnerable workers in the farm sector which will come into effect from 1 March 2014...
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In the news: There is hope for the youth

Thousands of young people struggle with unemployment, due to a lack of basic skills. The employers' organisation NEASA can play an important part in job creation. ...
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