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National Minimum Wage Bill – Exemption Regulations

NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE BILL EXEMPTION REGULATIONS Dear NEASA employer The Minister of Labour has promulgated the regulations pertaining to applications for exemptions from the National Minimum Wage. Employers may apply for an exemption, through an online system, of a...

Steel Industry: MEIBC – The Year in Review

MEIBC THE YEAR IN REVIEW Dear Steel Industry employer This past year was again one in which NEASA, its alliance partners and its members had to face a renewed onslaught by SEIFSA, and its alliance partners, who are hellbent on enforcing their employer adverse...

The end of 2018, racing towards 2019

THE END OF 2018 RACING TOWARDS 2019 Dear NEASA member Time flies. When things are easy, you want time to stand still. When things are difficult, you just want time to pass. Time, however, simply presses on - relentlessly. Time is not intimidated; it waits for nothing...

Mr Papenfus – Pretoria FM Interview: Strike in Plastics Industry

Mr. Papenfus was interviewed on Pretotia FM – programme: Klankkoerant – 14 December 2018, regarding the destructive nature of the strike action currently underway in the Plastics Industry. To listen to the interview, click...

TAKE NOTE EFF AND LIKE MINDED: Once you’ve broken it, it is nearly impossible to fix

TAKE NOTE EFF and LIKE MINDED What makes you think the country you envision will turn out differently? Just a reminder: Once you've broken it, it is nearly impossible to fix.       12-HOUR WAIT FOR ONE TANK OF FUEL AS ZIMBABWE CRISES DEEPENS Article by Brian Latham...

National Minimum Wage Bill – Implementation Date: 1 January 2019

NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE BILL IMPLEMENTATION DATE 1 JANUARY 2019 Dear NEASA employer The President, on 12 December 2018, determined 1 January 2019 to be the effective implementation date for the National Minimum Wage Bill. The effect of this is that all employers are,...

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