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NEASA was the first employers association to register under the Labour Relations Act of 1995, which allowed for the registration of employers’ associations not limited to specific industries. The first meeting of NEASA took place on 3 April 1996, when the steering committee, under the leadership of the current Chief Executive (Gerhard Papenfus), met in Johannesburg.

NEASA provides all employers, regardless of business size and industry, access to affordable, top quality labour law services, as well as other labour services. NEASA passionately defends the interests of employers nationally across all industries and multiple bargaining councils. Their presence is visible on all appropriate forums (parliament, courts and the media), and they are one of South Africa’s leading collective bargaining role players. NEASA is known to be South Africa’s most prominent lobbyist for the rights of employers.

The National Employers Association of South Africa commands a substantial presence in all sectors and industries in South Africa. NEASA is currently represented on the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC) and the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI).

We assist businesses, small and large, with professional labour law services, as well as other labour services.



The National Employers Association of South Africa is guided by a passion to, in a hostile and extremely competitive business environment, proactively empower and promote the interests of employers through labour law services and other labour services that employers may require. We aid employers with respect to all the essential elements required for a productive and prosperous workplace and economic environment.

Our employers association aim to help our members increase profitability and efficiency and reduce the risk when growing their workforce. At the same time, we strive to assist employers to create a secure working environment in which their employees can grow and prosper.



We aim to:
• empower business through effective industrial relations and labour services;
• promote local and international trade and investment;
• promote skills development in the workplace;
• promote youth development.




Our labour services provide members with:

• a Resource Library with templates, examples & guidelines
• 24/7 National Hotline for legal advice
• Industry updates, newsletters and blogs

Assistance & advice on:
• Compliance with Acts, Regulations and Councils
• Compliance with Skills Development
• Obtaining the required documentation according to South African Labour Law and Regulations.

Labour Law Representation and preparation:

• Disciplinary hearings & Retrenchments
• Conciliations & Arbitrations
• Incapacities & Compliance disputes

Benefit from our professional labour law services



NEASA provides multiple labour services, some of which can be seen below:



Our labour services include advice and representation in:

• Disciplinary hearings

• Retrenchment consultations

• Conciliations

• Incapacities

• Arbitrations

• Compliance disputes

• Other Labour Services



Our labour law services include assistance, resources and representation with:

• Disciplinary inquiries

• Retrenchments

• Poor work performance

• Medical incapacity

• Grievances

• Union Negotiations

• Other Labour Law Services



We make sure you are compliant by giving you assistance & advice on:

• Compliance with Acts, Regulations and Councils

• Compliance with Skills Development

• Obtaining the required documentation according to South African Labour Law and Regulation