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Insights about NEASA from the Chief Executive

Gerhard Papenfus



Labour law litigation in South Africa, especially for smaller businesses, is an extremely risky, time consuming and potentially very expensive process. From the outset, NEASA’s goal was to provide employers, even micro businesses, with affordable, quality legal representation in labour disputes.
Although there is a continuous strive towards perfection, there can be no doubt that we have achieved this goal. Currently NEASA employs a team of more than 50 highly specialised labour law experts who annually represent employers in excess of 38 000 times in workplace interventions and litigation in the CCMA, bargaining councils and the Labour Court.
NEASA’s growth into what it is today can be attributed to our vision that benefits micro, small, medium and big business, coupled with the hard work of a talented and dedicated team of people. Each and every one of our top quality and dedicated staff members have played a vital role in the success of NEASA.

The following accomplishments set NEASA apart from other role players in the field of labour law, industrial relations, commerce and other matters which directly affect the daily operations of business in South Africa:

• We afford all employers access to affordable top-quality representation in labour law disputes. As far as this service is concerned, NEASA’s service is unmatched in South Africa.
• Our comprehensive industrial relations service is unequalled.
• NEASA provides a 24/7 hotline and unlimited access to NEASA’s online industrial relations resource library.
• As far as collective bargaining is concerned, NEASA is currently the biggest employers’ party in the Metal Engineering Industry and a formidable player in other core sectors. This makes NEASA unique within the labour relations environment.
• NEASA’s extended reach into the business environment manifests through the following NEASA affiliates:
– NEASA Commerce (Pty) Ltd offers employers the opportunity to gain access to and participate in international markets through trade and investment;
– NEASA Labour Compliance (Pty) Ltd provides employers with skills development, employment equity and B-BBEE services and training; and
– NEASA Youth Development (an NPC) affords employers the opportunity to empower the youth by providing workplace experience to young graduates through SETA funded learnerships.

NEASA plays a critical role in making employers realise their unlimited potential, that they can drive change in the labour market and have a voice. Employers must reclaim their power and engage with labour market role players to create a more flexible labour market, free from abuse, which stimulates job creation and entrepreneurship.
NEASA will continue our mission to drive labour market reform and lobby government on current and proposed amendments to labour legislation that potentially negatively impact business.
NEASA has a nationwide footprint, with permanent offices in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, East London, George and Kimberley.

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