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Dear Industry Employer

Seifsa has sent out a circular to the Industry informing it of the fact that they have signed an agreement with the trade union parties to the MEIBC.

NEASA has already informed the Industry that only the Seifsa affiliated employer parties, and their members, who signed this agreement is bound by it. Click here to see the circular by NEASA.

We note with interest that Seifsa makes the following statement in their circular:

“The opportunity to apply for an exemption is not available to companies which are not members of employer parties (Associations) which are not party to this Agreement.”

This statement is in fact completely true but is completely out of context and clearly aimed at confusing the Industry and intimidating non-party employers into joining one of the Seifsa affiliates in order to get access to the exemption process.

However, the real position is that employers who are not party to the agreement are not bound by the agreement and therefore cannot, and do not need to, apply for an exemption as they do not need to comply with the agreement in the first place.

If the agreement is extended to non-parties, which we fully expect Seifsa to attempt but probably not succeed in, all non-parties, irrespective of whether they belong to any employers organisation or not, will by law be entitled to apply for exemption from the agreement.

Please contact our hotline 086 016 3272 for enquiries in this regard.

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