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Dear employer

On 30 November 2023, the B-BBEE Commission called for tighter legislation and greater powers to “address companies that undermine transformation efforts in South Africa.”

In a recent report, the Commission stated that it has received 1,273 complaints. According to the Commission, 84% of these complaints pertain to fronting.

The B-BBEE Act has defined fronting practices to mean transactions, arrangements, or other acts or conduct that directly or indirectly undermines or frustrates the achievement of the objectives of the B-BBEE Act, or the implementation of any of the provisions of the B-BBEE Act. Fronting effectively means businesses are “misrepresenting their transformation standing”.

Although NEASA is and will always be fundamentally opposed to any race-based business policies such as B-BBEE, we realise that some employers have no other option than to comply.

Consequently, we offer, in collaboration with a specialist service provider, a solution for businesses that is lawful, adheres to all of the B-BBEE regulations, addresses the concern as highlighted by the B-BBEE Commission – without compromising on free-market principles.

This solution also encompasses a variety of other benefits for business, including mitigating the political and economic instability-related risks to a business, by:

  • implementing B-BBEE compliance without breaking key free-market principles;
  • building a valuable business despite B-BBEE challenges;
  • enhancing and diversifying the business’ balance sheet;
  • reducing in-country risk exposure;
  • achieving accelerated personal wealth creation;
  • performing generational- and succession planning;
  • ensuring tax- and dividend efficiency;
  • making better use of a compliance budget; and
  • setting a business up for growth outside of South Africa.

Employers who wish to find out more about how to future-proof their businesses through this comprehensive solution can send an email to quintus@neasa.co.za or call 082 318 7562.


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