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Dear Industry Employer

The Minister of Labour, on 12 May 2017, extended the Main Collective Agreement of the Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope) to employers who are not signatories to the Agreement (non-parties). The Minister made this decision despite strenuous objections submitted by NEASA on behalf of its members in the Industry.

The effect of this is that all employers within the scope of the Collective Agreement are obligated to comply with the Agreement until 2019, even if the employer is not a member of the Boland Meesterbouers en Verwante Bedrywe Vereniging or the Master Builders’ and Allied Trades’ Association, Western Cape, which are the employer signatories to the extended Agreement.

The extension of this Agreement is a huge disappointment and again confirms the fact that the Minister will extend an agreement (on the advice of her officials) even in cases where there is sufficient motivation not to do so. The Minister, for ideological reasons, will extend agreements (in order to protect and promote the current demonic centralised bargaining dispensation) even if that means that small and medium size business will be compromised and jobs will be lost.

Our response to this will simply be to recruit more and more members. Employers in this Industry are joining NEASA on a daily basis and we will intensify our recruitment drive. We will continue fighting until we are able to stop the enforcement of agreements on those who are not party to it.

Applying for exemption: do you need help?

Employers who are not able to comply with the conditions of employment as contained in the Agreement may apply for exemption from the Council for that specific condition of employment. For any assistance in this regard, contact the Cape Town Office of NEASA.

Please click here to view the Agreement.

Members who have queries may contact our Hotline on 08601 NEASA (08601 63272).