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… navigating through the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN scandal …


by Gerhard Papenfus

Is it not glaringly sinister that, on the issue Covid-19, the whole world is singing from the same hymnbook; almost literally reading from the same script.

How is it possible that the global political elite have pondered over this new threat and independently came to the conclusion that, in order to protect the world’s population against a virus that has so far killed 0,0038% of global inhabitants, the economies of the world had to be locked down. Did they all, independently, come to the same conclusion: that the lockdown approach was the only solution to protect the world’s inhabitants against this virus.

There was, obviously, no time to disclose the true facts to the inhabitants of the earth and ask them whether they needed (or could even afford) this kind of protection. Naturally, there was no time for that; the virus was too dangerous and immediate action was needed. In the USA, 1-2 million were predicted would perish (94 000 did thus far); in the UK, the death toll would have been 550 000 (their death toll stands at 36 000). Here in South Africa ‘hundreds of thousands’ would have died (340 did – so far). For this, economies lie in ruin and starvation is on the increase.

This initial exaggeration/miscalculation should have been a big issue. It isn’t; it’s all but forgotten now – and forgiven.

The events of 9/11 launched the world into a new era; it, among others, gave governments the right to curtail individual rights. Covid-19 – not the virus but the response to this perceived global threat – will take this power to curtail a few steps further. Fortunately, more and more people are starting to question this narrative being forced upon us. Unfortunately, as this is happening, governments will respond accordingly, but not in a positive manner.

Life as we know it is indeed under siege. How we respond to that, will shape the world in which we and our children will live in future.

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