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Dear employer

The Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown is still in full swing and severely impacting both the economy and the entire population.

Although there is uncertainty as to what the country, economy and business will look like after the lockdown has been lifted, it is certain that we will emerge into a very different world; one for which we need to start preparing for today.

Employers will not be able to return to ‘business as usual’ at the flip of a switch, but will have to take some difficult decisions to reinvent their business going forward.

This may entail the implementation of a number of different business strategies, in a number of areas, including addressing issues surrounding conditions of employment and redundant employees.

It is certainly advisable for employers to start contemplating and implementing the necessary measures to deal with these labour issues now.

The processes involved in changing conditions of employment and, in a worse case scenario, retrenching employees are quite cumbersome and time consuming, and employers should preferably be some distance down the road when the lockdown is lifted.

Therefore, employers should immediately start engaging employees through these processes by any means possible.

Due to the technical nature of these processes, employers are advised to contact their regional NEASA office for assistance in this regard.

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