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Dear employer

The TERS claims system has rejected claims for some employees without providing a specific reason. Please note that the issue of foreign nationals is, among others, addressed herein.

In order to claim for these employees, the UIF acceptance letter instructs the following for employees not paid:

• if you have declared those employees, please send proof of declarations; or
• send proof that they were paid salaries for the 3 months (January – March 2020), either through proof of payroll or any other proof; or
• simply sign the acceptance letter and send back to the UIF per email indicated;
• visit www.ufiling.co.za to register those employees with the UIF and provide proof to the UIF;
• send electronic payroll declarations to declarations@labour.gov.za and include the email below; and
• for foreign nationals, please send UI19 documents declaring those foreign nationals.

All information requested above is to be sent to Covid19compliance@labour.gov.za.

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