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by Gerhard Papenfus

According to the latest survey by NEASA, 33% of employers who applied for TERS/UIF monies have, as yet, not received any monies in respect of April 2020. The survey further indicates that out of the 67% who were paid, only 33% were paid in full.

A recent survey by the Master Builders’ Association (Western Cape), indicated that, in terms of their employer members, 65% have not received any UIF monies. In their case, out of the 35% who were paid, only 41% were paid in full.

According to the latest information by the UIF, they have paid TERS/UIF benefits in respect of 2.4 million workers. Based on NEASA’s survey, which is more favourable than that of the Western Cape Master Builders’ Association, more than 1.2 million workers still haven’t received any UIF benefits – in respect of April 2020.

The UIF-facility in respect of May 2020 only opened yesterday morning – two days before month-end. Although one may have sympathy for the UIF’s burden in terms of the workload, it remains, in terms of employees not being paid during this period, an entirely unsatisfactory situation and one that requires urgent government intervention.

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