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Dear NEASA employer

NEASA is currently embroiled in or preparing for a number of legal battles against policies and legislation that have or potentially will have devastating consequences for all employers.

The new proposed Employment Equity Act and its regulations, which place an impossible burden on employers, is but one of the many pieces of destructive legislation NEASA is challenging.

NEASA is a non-profit members (employers’) organisation, that is funded by monthly membership subscriptions which is utilised to provide industrial relations services to members. Although NEASA has, for the most part, funded current and previous litigation from subscriptions, it is no longer justifiable to do so as these monthly subscriptions are earmarked for the purpose of servicing members. This litigation is mainly as a result of the increase in this type of legislation, which in turn is a consequence of the acceleration in the implementation of Government’s socialist/nationalist agenda.

These policies and legislation are detrimental to each and every employer and all form part of Government’s push to interfere in the private sector to such an extent that it is effectively controlled by Government, and, if ultimately successful, will spell the end of business as we know it. It is incumbent on every employer to push back for the survival of its business.

Due to the financially draining nature of litigation, NEASA is requiring members to contribute towards these legal costs in order to fight for the freedom of employers to conduct business as they see fit.

In light of this, NEASA will be raising a special levy, based on the size of the employer, which will be added to the members’ monthly invoice from August 2023.

To view the amount applicable to each business, please click here.

Should an employer not be able or willing to contribute towards this cause, please indicate same by emailing info@neasa.co.za before 7 August 2023.

Your support in this regard is highly appreciated.

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