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02 August 2021
Mr Fikile Mbalula 
Minister of Transport

Dear Minister Mbalula


The recent spate of violent attacks on trucks on the N3 highway has caused massive disruptions to the economy, the ability to transport goods, as well as millions in damages and loss of income.

These losses would, naturally, have had a knock-on detrimental effect on the economy and the revenue of government.

It is our understanding that the majority, if not all of the attacks, happened at or near the Mooirivier Toll Plaza. It is assumed that this is as a result of the vehicles being easy targets at the tollgate as they would have to slow down and/or stop completely to pay toll or to queue at the tollgate.

This being the case, it is our submission that, should a situation of unrest, where vehicles are attacked like we have experienced recently, happen again, it would be prudent to open up the affected tollgates in order to allow the free flow of traffic, reduce the vulnerability of vehicles and diminish the ability of the attackers to sabotage a national freeway.

Although this will have a short term impact on revenue collection at the tollgate, the impact on business and the economy will be far worse if vehicles are attacked again, resulting in the closure of a major economic route. 

We trust you will consider our proposal favourably.   
G.C. Papenfus

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