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Electronic health and safety file.

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, a duty is placed on every employer in South Africa to comply with all applicable legislation which is relevant to an employer’s type of business and activities.
Non-compliance potentially has serious consequences for business owners, such as suspension, fines, civil action and even criminal charges.
NEASA Labour Compliance provides employers with a solution to navigate this legislative requirement.

To ensure that health and safety risks are minimized, an “easy to use” comprehensive series of multiple choice questions will determine the employers business nature/activities and will provide the employer with a folder containing the applicable legislation as well as the following:
1. Documentation required to compile an applicable health and safety file for the day to day operations.
2. Checklists to determine compliance.
3. Personalized legal register (consisting of the applicable sections from the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations based on information provided).
4. Legally required health and safety appointments.
5. Guidance on legislative interpretation

The following two packages are available to employers:

OPTION 1 A once-off health & safety file download.
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OPTION 2 Unlimited access – monthly subscription.
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