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We provide our members with assistance with regards to all Industrial Relations Services eg. plant level labour processes and disputes.

We represent your business where you need us. 


NEASA’s legal team provides expert Industrial Relations services in respect of:

• Disciplinary inquiries
• Retrenchments
• Poor work performance
• Medical incapacity
• Grievances
• Union Negotiations

NEASA Membership will provide you access to:

• A comprehensive Industrial Relations Services Resource library
• A 24/7 National Hotline for all your labour-related legal queries

We will provide guidance to ensure that you comply with all the requirements of the Labour Law in South Africa. Contact us to experience the benefit of using our Industrial Relations Services.

Disciplinary Inquiries

A disciplinary inquiry is a requirement for a fair dismissal and is often fraught with technicalities. NEASA provides experienced and knowledgeable chairpersons to its members to ensure a fair, equitable and legally sound process. Click here to read more about Disciplinary inquiries and procedures.


Retrenchments entail dismissals related to the operational needs of the employer e.g. due to the financial needs of the employer. NEASA provides assistance with all required documentation and consultations during the process of retrenchment.

Click here to read more about retrenchments

Poor Work Performance

Poor work performance is an incapacity dismissal which relates to the inherent ability of an employee to perform his allocated tasks. NEASA assists its members to ensure that this process is conducted in an appropriate manner as required by prevailing legislation. Click here to read more about poor work performance.

Medical Incapacity

Medical incapacity refers to a dismissal due to the inability of an employee to continue with his duties as a result of a medical condition or injury. NEASA guides and actively assists members in this process.

Union Negotiations

Negotiations with trade unions at plant level can often be a stressful and daunting prospect for employers. NEASA assists and represents its members at any plant level union negotiations including representation in disputes that may arise out of such negotiations.

Collective Bargaining

NEASA is one of the most prominent role players in the collective bargaining arena. NEASA is a party to the Metal and Engineering Industry Bargaining Council, Motor Industry Bargaining Council and the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry. NEASA represents the interests of its members at a national level in all these sectors.

Representation at Conciliation/Arbitration

As a registered employers’ organisation, NEASA has an automatic right of appearance on behalf of its members at the CCMA and bargaining councils. NEASA provides expert representation for its members at conciliations, arbitrations and all related processes.

A comprehensive Industrial Relations Services Resource library
A 24/7 National Hotline for all your labour-related legal queries


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