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Dear employer

NEASA has recently observed an increase in CCMA and Bargaining Council matters being forwarded to our regional offices at such a late stage that urgent actions are required.

We therefore request all employers to always forward any correspondence received from the CCMA or Bargaining Council, or even a referral to such forum, to their nearest NEASA regional office immediately in order for the relevant office to assist you accordingly.

NEASA assists employers with disputes in all labour dispute forums (CCMA, bargaining councils and the Labour Court) with in limine matters, conciliations, arbitrations and Labour Court reviews, and advises our members to make use of our specialised legal advisors to further their matters.

Regardless of whether NEASA was involved in the initial conciliation or arbitration, NEASA still offers assistance with all Labour Court matters.

Due to the strict timeframes in which labour matters progress, it is of the utmost importance that once a matter has been referred or any documentation is received regarding a labour matter, to contact us as soon as possible.

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