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Our Labour Law Representation includes:

• Disciplinary hearings & Retrenchments
• Conciliations & Arbitrations
• Incapacities & Compliance disputes


As a NEASA member, employers are guaranteed expert labour law representation in labour disputes, at the CCMA and Bargaining councils, at fixed affordable rates from our nationwide team of attorneys. We will represent you in:

• Disciplinary hearings

• Retrenchment consultations

• Conciliations

• Incapacities

• Arbitrations

• Compliance disputes

For more information on Disciplinary procedures, Dismissals, Disciplinary actions, and Poor Work Performance click here. 

Contact us if you need Labour Law Representation or if you require our Collective Bargaining services. We also provide Training in regions nationwide.



Additional to the previously mentioned Labour Law Representation services, NEASA also provides Collective Barigaining Services. We negotiate on your behalf at sectoral and national level. NEASA is a major and experienced role player in the collective bargaining arena and always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for employers. We are intensely involved in collective bargaining processes and currently have seats on the following bargaining councils:

• Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC)
• Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO)
• National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI)

NEASA’s collective bargaining services are unmatched. We have the largest footprint within the collective bargaining landscape in South Africa. Within this environment NEASA passionately argues for a new dispensation, which is more employer friendly, and which will consequently result in the desperately needed economic growth in South Africa.


We provide training on all aspects of labour law to prepare employers for any situation in the Industrial relations landscape.

Our training workshops include:

• Contracts of employment
• Discipline in the Workplace
• Fixed term Atypical Employment
• Preparing for Disciplinary Enquiries
• Leading and Challenging of Evidence
• Trade Unions and Shop Stewards
• Unfair Labour Practices
• Incapacity
• Retrenchment


Contact us if you have any inquiries regarding our Labour Law Representation and Collective Bargaining Services, or the different types of training provided in your region.


Benefit directly and receive resources from our Labour Law Representation and Collective Bargaining libraries.



Having Labour Law representation at your disposal is critical for several reasons, including:

  • Avoiding prejudice to the employer by being represented by a legal professional with the necessary experience and legal knowledge;
  • Navigating complex legal issues;
  • Assistance with the technical legal processes.

NEASA is dedicated to providing fair and professional labour law representation to ensure that our members have the best possible outcome in any labour related situation. For more information on Dismissals, Poor Work Performance, Disciplinary Procedures and Disciplinary Action, click here.




Collective bargaining is a key means by which employers, through their employer’s organisations, and employees, through their trade unions, can establish wages and working conditions for their respective industries.

Typical issues on the collective bargaining agenda include wages, working time, training, occupational health and safety and equal treatment. The objective of these negotiations is to arrive at a collective agreement that regulates the terms and conditions of employment for a specific sector, ensuring harmonious and productive industries and workplaces.