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Dear Steel Industry employer,

As previously communicated, SEIFSA and the trade union parties to the MEIBC indicated their intention to invite all the employer parties to the Council, even those without a seat, to a meeting in order for them to vote on the extension of the SEIFSA/NUMSA settlement agreement and the Administration agreement.

This approach was adopted as the 4 SEIFSA affiliates with seats on the Council could no longer carry the vote to request extension in the normal course and therefore had to resort to different tactics.

This vote was indeed conducted on Tuesday, 4 September 2018 and, not surprisingly, carried with the support of employers’ organisations who have no vote in terms of the MEIBC constitution.

This action is, in our view, clearly unlawful and we will be filing a review application in the Labour Court to have the decision set aside.

It is important to note that the agreements have not been extended yet and the employers not affiliated to the SEIFSA associations are still not bound by these agreements.

We will keep members abreast of developments in this regard.

Kind Regards,
Jaco Swart
National Collective Bargaining Coordinator


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