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That was the question posed to me by a Seifsa-loyalist (an uninformed ‘noble’). He informed me that he found NEASA’s relentless attacks on Seifsa difficult to digest.


My question to him was whether he feels the same way about the media’s constant reporting on state capture. His response, understandably, was that continuous scrutiny on and exposure of state capture was absolutely necessary.

I explained to him that for NEASA the role of Seifsa over the last two decades amounts to ‘Industry capture’ and that our attack will not stop until the extension of Seifsa’s agreements (representing the interests of Industry ‘nobles’) to the rest of the Industry has been stopped permanently. Similarly:

• brave whistle-blowers will not rest until state capture has been rooted out – no matter how long it takes – it is their responsibility towards South Africa;
• Jacques Pauw will not withdraw his book ‘The President’s Keepers’ – this is his sacrifice and responsibility towards South Africa; and
• NEASA will not stop its attack on Seifsa until the Steel Industry, once and for all, is freed from SMME hostile agreements forced upon them by the Seifsa/Numsa/Department of Labour-cartel.


In ridding the Industry from the Seifsa pestelince, we need the support, not only from SMMEs, but also large businesses which increasingly realise the devastating effect of Seifsa’s conduct on the Industry over many years.



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