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Feigning innocence, president Zuma complains about being constantly attacked by whistleblowers, opposition parties and the media. He attempts to downplay Jacques Pauw’s book. While he is taking South Africa to the precipice of economic meltdown, he suggests that South Africans have better things to do than to focus on him. He may be right: South Africans would rather focus on better things, but cannot do so with Zuma and his cronies still in power.

Seifsa does exactly the same. They simply do not recognise their role in the demise of the Steel Industry, historically and currently. In a recent publication they expressed the view that NEASA should have better things to do than to attack them. Off course we do, but due to their actions, they have to remain our priority. Naturally they want the NEASA attack to stop; unfortunately for them, this is not going to happen. Despite their personal attacks NEASA will stay the course.

If the Steel Industry was a country, I would have referred to Seifsa as an



They deserve this accolade as a result of their obsession to have their Industry destructive agreements

– which their own members can’t afford –

extended to the rest of the Industry.

Let this be clear: any organisation has the right to enter into any agreement it finds suitable for them. The issue is when that organisation wants to enforce its agreement on others which expressly do not want to, and cannot afford to, be covered by that agreement.

Anyone not being able to understand that, must either be dim witted or have dark motives.

Since Seifsa refuses to depart from their PREDATORIAL approach, we say to them:

• SMMEs will no longer tolerate you in the Steel Industry;
• SMMEs regard your constant attempts to extend your Industry hostile agreements to them as an act of ‘Industrial terrorism’ – the Industry has therefore declared an Industrial war on you;
• Steel SMMEs are on the rise; and
• SMMEs will not rest until you, an Industry invading force, is driven out of the Industry.

Therefore, Steel SMMEs:

• if you want to join this fight for Industry freedom, you can do so by joining NEASA;
• if you are already a NEASA member but wish to join the Steel Lobby, click here;
• if you want assistance to escape the Seifsa web, click here.

Kind regards

Victory at all costs, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.

(Winston Churchill)