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Taking the foot off the pedal?

Wasn’t Seifsa/Meibc hammered enough?


I heard this sentiment through the grapevine. I don’t think so and this is why:

Very recently a senior official of Seifsa made the remark that Seifsa wants their agreement extended to non-parties, notwithstanding the fact that they are well aware that the extension will eventually be overturned through legal action.

This official is able to make this statement because he is privy to the Department of Labour’s (DOL) position in this regard: the Department is prepared to extend this agreement through unlawful means, simply in order to have it extended. I am told that a senior official of the Department has made the statement that ‘the DOL is prepared to take the fall – as long as the agreement gets extended’.

This Seifsa/Numsa/DOL – cartel is prepared to act unlawfully in order to achieve their wicked agenda. ‘Acting unlawfully’ is perhaps too soft a phrase: it is a ‘criminal act’. Their multiple extension of agreements before 2011 was a ‘sham’ (fraud, false, bogus, fake, falsely represented, intended to deceive, delusion). They’ve done it twice since 2011 (this time a judge called their actions a ‘sham’, whilst another judge asked ‘don’t they learn?’) – worst of all, they’ve expressed their desire to do it again.

To me, this Cartel (in Meibc context) can be compared to weeds growing among the wheat – it bedevils the crop. As long as they continue their hostilities against Industry SMMEs, we will continue our attack on them.

Some may even call it ‘being obsessed’. If not being willing to give up the fight for SMME’s is being ‘obsessive’, then perhaps we are a bit ‘obsessed’: in respect of the Steel Industry, our ‘obsession’ can be likened to Churchill’s obsession with the NAZI’s. We all know how that fight ended.

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