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Dear Industry Employer

On 26 June 2015 MIBCO circulated a notice stating that the monthly admin levies payable to the Council are to be increased as from 29 June 2015. This is patently false as no levies are currently payable.
The payment of admin levies as well as the amounts payable are regulated by the Administrative Agreement between the parties to the Council. However, the Administrative Agreement lapsed at the end of January 2015; therefore, there is no obligation on employers and employees to pay admin levies to the Council until such time that the Administrative Agreement has been renewed by the parties and extended by the Minister of Labour to non-parties.
Without an extended Admin Levy Agreement, the Council has no legal right to demand payment of admin levies. In fact, employers who are deducting these levies from employees are doing so illegally. 
Yours faithfully
Gerald Leith
Motor Industry Collective Bargaining Co-ordinator