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Dear Industry Employer

The respective parties to the Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) have submitted their demands which are to be negotiated at the 2016 wage negotiations, which is due to commence on 18 May 2016. NEASA is putting forward the following proposals for your consideration and comment in response to the demands tabled by the various parties:

1. Agreement cycle

That the current agreement cycle of 1 September to 31 August over a period of 36 months be retained for all agreements with the exception of the Administrative Agreement which is to expire on 31 May (every 3rd year).

2. Duration and Extension of Agreements

That all new agreements will be concluded for a period of three years.

3. Remuneration

That remuneration demands will be responded to when clarity is obtained as to what the realistic expectations of parties are. No offer will therefore be made at this stage.

4. Retail Petrol Margin Adjustment

That increases for forecourt attendants and other service station employees are adjusted by the retail petrol margin as determined by the Department of Energy to retailers, irrespective of their sales volumes.  

5. Work Hours

That work hours be averaged over a two week cycle in order to provide more flexibility over peak periods.

6. Corporate Uniforms

That employees who are required to wear a uniform, overall, dustcoat or apron be provided with three sets of such clothing at no cost. Should employees leave the employ of the employer for whatever reason within six months of the uniform being issued, 50% of the cost of the uniform is to be deducted from the last month’s earnings of the employee.

Do you agree with these proposals? Let us know by clicking here. Please submit your input by Friday, 20 May 2016, in order to enable us to respond.

Kind Regards

Gerald Leith
Motor Industry Collective Bargaining Co-ordinator