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Dear Industry Employer

After months of negotiations an agreement was reached in respect of wages and substantive conditions of service in the Motor Industry.

NEASA is not a signatory to this agreement since it did not receive a conclusive mandate from its members. This Agreement will only become applicable to non-parties (employers who are not affiliated to FRA or RMI), once it is extended by the Minister of Labour. It is expected that the increases will become effective sometime after February 2017. The increases in the remuneration of employees which have been agreed are as follows:

Please note that there is no obligation on employers to increase remuneration until the effective date which is to be published by the Minister of Labour. However, should employers find it prudent to increase the remuneration of their employees now, in the interest of workplace relations, they are free to do so.


Gerald Leith
Motor Industry Collective Bargaining Co-ordinator