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NEASA and all non-parties not bound to the SEIFSA settlement agreement

Dear NEASA member
It has come to our attention that rumors have been circulating that a decision was taken, at a management committee meeting of the MEIBC, that effectively binds NEASA to the SEIFSA settlement agreement.
We confirm that NUMSA and other trade unions, with the help of SEIFSA (representing the minority of employers at MANCO) at a meeting of the MEIBC, took a decision through which they will attempt to bind NEASA to the July '14 SEIFSA/NUMSA agreement. NEASA however disagrees entirely with the effect of that decision and will appropriately oppose any attempt to enforce that decision on NEASA or, for that matter, any non-party to that agreement.
The lock-out of the members who declared a dispute against NEASA therefore continues.
Jaco Swart
National Collective Bargaining Coordinator