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Dear Metal Industry Employer

This past week NEASA, again, was engaged in arbitration with Seifsa regarding the allocation of seats on the MEIBC structures.
This arbitration speaks to the heart of the Metal Industry. The question to be determined in this arbitration is whether the weight of a vote of a business will be determined by the business itself or by the number of employees in its employ. What NEASA fights for is the rightful voice of SMME's in the affairs of the MEIBC. Seifsa fights for big business dominance.
On 31 July 2015 closing arguments will be delivered by the respective legal councils. We expect an award, in respect of the first phase of this arbitration, during the course of August 2015. Thereafter, the second phase of this arbitration (the verification of the membership of the respective parties) will commence. This is obviously an exercise which will take a long period to conclude. There is still a long, long road ahead before finality in this matter will be reached.
All SMME's: Thank you for your support!

Gerhard Papenfus