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There are many profound truths be learnt from Jesus’ miracle following the death of Jairus’s daughter (Mark. 5:21-43). In this I will only deal with one of them.

Being told that your child has just passed away is the worst possible news. Everything else fades in comparison to that.  However, Jesus’s advice to Jairus following this devastating news was simply, Don’t be afraid; just believe’. 

On His way to Jairus’s house, Jesus did not let anyone follow him except Peter, James and John. He did not allow the doubters to accompany him on this important mission. 

Jesus was surprised by the ‘commotion and the wailing’ which followed this traumatic event. He did not view the child’s death as a crisis of any sorts: ‘The girl is not dead, but asleep’. That, not surprisingly, was met with laughter and disbelief by the people of the synagogue; the churchgoers. 

Before Jesus raised this twelve-year-old child from death, He first sent out these unbelievers; in fact, ‘He put them all out’.  And then, after the miracle, ‘He gave strict orders not to let anyone know about this’. 

Here’s my take on this:

  • especially in extreme challenging times, surround yourself with people of faith and wisdom;
  • there are times that people who lack these traits must stay behind;
  • there are times that the doubters, the mockers, have to be sent out – if need be, even be ‘put out’, or at the very least be ignored;
  • to God, nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is impossible; what you perceive to be a crisis, is not a crisis to Him – just believe; keep the faith; and lastly
  • don’t throw your precious experiences to the doubters; they’ll just mess with it. 

Gerhard Papenfus