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One good thing about not playing in a cricket world cup final, is the fact that you can’t lose. I watched parts of the Australia/New Zealand game over the weekend; very relaxed, knowing that, whatever happens, my team and I couldn’t lose.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this has become a lifestyle: avoid risk, avoid situations where the outcome hangs in this balance, avoid failure, avoid being wrong, avoid being laughed at, please others, make yourself small, make sure you don’t get noticed – be untrue to yourself, be safe, kill your spirit.

Self-protection is a lie; it deprives you of life.

We’re not made to play it safe. We are created for risk and adventure, to tread new trails, to be our true selves, true to our hearts. We are taught to play it safe, by other safe-players, whose greatest fear is that will we break out, prove them wrong, have a full life, make a difference. Many fall in that trap, choosing a life of safety and boredom. Nothing could be worse.

If you don’t want to lose, just don’t play.

Let’s play!

Kind Regards

Gerhard Papenfus