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Resource Library

Bargaining Councils

Here you will find information on wages, sectoral determinations and contracts of employment pertaining to specific industries such as domestic workers, the motor industry, farm workers etc.


Sectorial Determinations

This Determination sets out the specific working conditions. It includes provisions on wages, hours of work, leave and termination of employment.


All labour law legislation can be found here, as well as discussions and documentation on all the proposed amendments to labour law legislation.

Contracts of Employment

Here you will find pre-drafted contracts of employment and other useful information pertaining to employment contracts.


From illness to adoption application. We provide pre-drafted employer application forms, explanations regarding remuneration, declarations that need to be completed by the employer/employee, as well as a range of other pre-drafted forms and documents that will save you time on the administration of staff UIF.


Are you dealing with a sensitive case? We have all the forms and documentation you need in order to handle dismissals correctly. We deal with all grounds for dismissal, ranging from poor work performance to misconduct.

Employment Equity

To assist with the submission of reports, drafting of plans, participation in Employment Equity Committees, align Employment Equity compliance with Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment requirements.

Policies and Procedures

This is a complete compilation of workplace policies and procedures that you can put into place according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. We also provide for specific policies and procedures relating to the Metal and Engineering Industries.


If you are unsure whether an individual would qualify as an employee, we recommend that you read through this section for clarification.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Act applies to all employers, with exception of mines (tailored mine OH&S Act), owners of certain shipping vessels and those exempted by the Minister.

Strike Action

NEASA has dedicated this page to the strike action in order to provide assistance to members pertaining to strike management, sharing of information, daily strike activities and picketing rules.

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