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30 December 2021

Dr Mathume Joseph ‘Joe’ Phaahla
Minister of Health

Dear Minister


On 23 December 2021, the Director General of Health issued sensible revised arrangements regarding contact tracing, quarantine and isolation protocols in respect of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’.

On 28 December 2021, the Health Ministry issued a media release in which they stated that the Department, following the 23 December 2021 circular, was “inundated with media, stakeholders and public inquiries and comments”, and that, as a result, the revised policy changes are put on hold, “in line with the principles of transparency and openness, … while taking all additional comments and inputs into consideration”.

Minister, it is unprecedented that an announcement of the nature of the 23 December 2021 communique, is “put on hold” five days later, and that as a result of “media, stakeholders and public inquiries and comments”. This is simply unheard of and is testimony of some rather sinister developments in your Department.

It is clear that the 23 December 2021 circular, which was based on scientific data provided by the Covid-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee, caused a fair amount of dissent and division in your Department and in government. It can only be assumed that the amended protocols did not suit the agenda of certain individuals and groups with vested interests.

The media release further states that the revised policy changes, as per the 23 December 2021 circular, is put on hold “while taking all additional comments and inputs into consideration”.

It is common knowledge that certain “stakeholders” benefit from keeping the current protocols in place. It is therefore possible to believe such a stakeholder (one with vested interests) would provide input or comment favouring the pre-23 December 2021 dispensation which, based on scientific evidence, provides no benefit in managing the ‘pandemic’, but only serves to restrict individual freedom and to cripple the economy even further.

In light of this, Minister, and for the sake of “transparency and openness”, we request the following:
clarity as to whether the 28 December 2021 media release constitutes an invitation for comment and input regarding this matter from interested parties;
if so, what are the terms of reference, and
copies of all “inquiries and comments”, including scientific evidence, submitted to your Department and which resulted in the “putting” of the 23 December 2021 directive “on ice”.
We look forward to your speedy reply.

G.C. Papenfus

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