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Dear NEASA employer

According to the Skills Development Act 97/1998 and the National Skills Development Levies Act 9/1999, all employers whose annual payroll is above R 500 000.00 are compelled to, by no later than 30 April 2019, submit:

  • a workplace skills plan
  • annual training report
  • pivotal training plan
  • pivotal training report

The National Skills Development Strategy III Initiative is of paramount importance. When structured correctly, not only will employers be able to claim back 20% of Skills Development Levies paid to SARS as mandatory grants, but will also be able to gain access to discretionary grants.

In this scenario, employers are able to participate in the discretionary funding windows provided by various SETAs.

Benefits also include:

  • increased market access
  • skills enhancement
  • increased productivity
  • identify and align your company’s skills requirements
  • improve on your B-BBEE scorecard
  • access to Employee Tax Incentive discount with learnerships and youth employment
  • tax rebates on learnerships (R 40 000.00 per learner on learnerships)
  • contribute to your employment equity policy

As a business representative body, we realise the importance of this initiative and therefore support it. Consequently, we have appointed a panel of experts, not only to assist you with the compliance process, but also to grow your business and boost your bottom line.  

There is a common perception that if you implemented minimal or no training during the previous financial year, that you are not entitled to funding from the SETA. However, that is not factually correct. If you have contributed to Skills Development Levies throughout the year, no matter how small the amount, you are entitled to refunds, including discretionary funding. The only requirements are that you submit a workplace skills plan and an annual training report by 30 April 2019 to your relevant SETA. 

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