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Avoid being bound by the Seifsa/NUMSA-agreement
Resign now!

Dear Steel Industry employer

Negotiations in the Metal and Engineering Sector are upon us once again.

The current Seifsa/NUMSA–agreement prescribed a wage of approximately R11 500.00 (cost-to-company, for an unskilled, entry level employee) to employers bound to that agreement – through their respective Seifsa affiliated employers’ organisations.

Since 2011, NEASA has succeeded in preventing this job destroying and entirely business destroying, unsustainable Seifsa/NUMSA–agreement to be made applicable to the remaining 90% of the Steel Industry. NEASA will do it again this year.

This 90% of the Steel Industry (because of NEASA’s intervention), has consequently been able to conduct their business much more freely, since 2011, paying affordable wages.

If, by June/July 2020, when Seifsa will most probably sign an agreement with NUMSA (adding an increase to the already outrageous R11 500.00 agreement), you will be bound to their agreement.

Therefore, if

you are a member of a Seifsa affiliated organisation, which cannot afford the approximate R11 500.00 (cost-to-company) arrangement (plus the anticipated increase in July 2020), ensure that you resign from your Seifsa-affiliated organisation NOW.


We are all in this together.

Privileged and challenged to be South African.