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The effect of the toxic combination of




More business responses

  • Due to AMSA’s steel shortages, we are unable to find any channels or IPEs. This is causing huge delays in our production. They are also unable to tell us when stock will be made available again, yet they have announced another increase with effect from 01 November 2020. Very arrogant.
  • We are having great difficulty in getting steel, particularly a cold-rolled tube, sheet, and flat. This is affecting our ability to meet our delivery dates, which in turn is affecting our relationships with our clients.
  • We can’t get raw material to manufacture fasteners which has resulted in a 60% decline in sales.
  • We are manufacturers of steel furniture – The shortage of products such as round and square tubing has had a huge detrimental effect on products to be manufactured for health and education purposes, not to mention other ablution facilities. This includes beds, school desks etc.
  • As a business, because of the steel shortages, our productivity has ran into a negative, with a reduction of 45% drop in turn over. Material shortage is a big problem and we are starting to feel the shortage wave and the bad economy.
  • We can not sell our products due to the fact that there are no materials available to manufacture our products.

How is AMSA’s inability to supply the market affecting your business?
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We are all in this together.
Privileged and challenged to be South African.






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