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The effect of the toxic combination of

More business responses

  • As a result of the shortages, we need to implement short time as we are still waiting for September orders to be delivered; our floors are empty. There is no clear answers from AMSA on when our material will be delivered or where it is in the line of production. No planning can be done at all, yet February and March orders needs to be placed already to assure there is material available in those months.
  • The current impact of the shortages is serious and devastating.
  • The availability of flat sheets, 0.6 and 0.8, which forms the basis of my material is not readily available, and as manufacturers, we are borrowing from each other in order to fill orders. We are not able to meet deadlines due to the shortage.
  • Ever-increasing prices and shortages of materials.
  • No tubing for my exhaust customers. No sales!

How is AMSA’s inability to supply the market affecting your business?
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We are all in this together.
Privileged and challenged to be South African.

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