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The Metal and Engineering Industry is most probably the most hostile industry in which to conduct business:
  • the labour relations environment is in general adverse towards business;
  • in the Metal and Engineering Industry it has turned into a downright SMME hostile environment;
  • in light of the success achieved with regard to the prevention of the extension of agreements to non-parties, government is contemplating legislative changes to nullify NEASA’s gains in the Steel sector;
  • the arrangement between the Department of Trade and Industry/AMSA regarding steel is blatantly hostile to the Steel Downstream – it is hostile to each and every business downstream of AMSA, as well as the consumer; and
  • government has no sense of the importance of the role of SMME’s in the economy; in fact, their policies and actions indicate the contrary.

Our engagement with government has proved that government is committed to their ‘National Democratic Revolution’ (NDR) agenda; their engagement with business in general is merely a pretence. There is no meaningful engagement with mainstream economy SMME’s at all. Government’s vision, as far as business is concerned, as well as their strategy and tactics in this regard, is outlined in the NDR, which is national-socialist ANC policy.Within the current political- and economic environment, not a single government initiative is aimed at breaking the shackles inhibiting SMMS’s to grow, create jobs and to perform to their full potential. The contrary is true: apart from the type of business they envisage, all government action is hostile towards business.

Business cannot rely on others (the ‘they’ so often referred to) to bring about change, not only for its own benefit, but for the country. It is for ‘us’, all of ‘us’, and nobody else, to work towards a sustainable future. Without ‘us’, South Africa won’t ‘work’.

It is for these reasons that NEASA is establishing a ‘STEEL LOBBY’ in the following regions: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Border, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Free-State/Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Together we can:
  • permanently stop the extension of hostile bargaining council agreements;
  • influence the hostile steel arrangement between AMSA and government; and
  • lobby for a better SMME dispensation in general.


In organising the Industry into a potent force, we need your involvement too, apart from being our member, assist us in creating the ability to reach each and every employer in the Industry. If you wish to participate, simply click here.
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