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During the Second World War the ultimate victory for the Allied Forces would have been the conquering of Berlin. If Berlin was conquered, the war would have been over. That is exactly what happened; when Berlin fell to the Allieds, Nazi-Germany surrendered.

I can imagine every soldier looking forward to the end of the war; troops wanted to go home; men wanted to be reunited with their families, they desired a return to normality, but that could only happen if Berlin was conquered and Germany surrendered; and that implied one of the toughest battles in the war.

Opening my curtains this morning in Berlin, I could not help but to be reminded of the words of General Paton that ‘the road to America goes through Berlin’. He made it clear to his soldiers that if they wanted to go home, they first needed to make the sacrifice of conquering Berlin.

If you want your ‘better’, then tackle your own ‘Berlin’. Don’t hesitate; don’t delay!

– Gerhard Papenfus