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Testimonials 2018

As a new member, we are extremely satisfied and excited for the future under NEASA. Will definitely recommend it to all within our industry that we are in contact with.

On topics or data where there was uncertainty, facts were checked first and then confirmed in writing timeously opposed to simply “thumb sucking information”.

Mr Gerrit was very friendly took the matter as it was his own problem represented us as a real lawyer and I could just thank him and honour him for what he did. Thank your team as well.

Very professional. Explained possible options and outcomes and hearing was proceeded with. The outcome is acceptable as well as his advice was much appreciated.

Al my personeel word deur Gerrit gerespekteer en hy spreek hulle professioneel aan.

I have dealt with both the gentleman and I found their assistance to be of the highest level of quality. I have listened to Mr. Gerhard Papenfus on the radio and have also read some of his articles in the Press, with a CEO like that, no wonder that the company is so professional!

Natalie was amazing. Sat through the tedious process of me submitting hours of video evidence like a champion.

Very high level of competency shown. Extremely helpful with any matter regarding our employees and certain situations. Will definitely stick with NEASA if all their services are as good as we have experienced.

Very friendly and helpful. He is always there when I need him and never too busy. This was not a very good year for me, and I can tell you if it was not for Gerit then I don’t know what would have happened.

Well done. Please keep on doing the right thing!

Was cool, calm and collected. To the point.

Very pleasant and experienced.

Gerrit Watkins is always very professional and helpful with all our labour issues! Thank you.

Michael was really helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Excellent work.

Very good and very knowledgeable.

She is very good, I will request her next time.

We absolutely enjoy dealing with Neasa, service is superb and highly recommended.

The service was really above expectations in all ways. The disciplinary hearing was handled in a timeously and very professional manner.

Excellent advice!

Job well done.

Thank you for assisting in the disciplinaries and the advice provided.

She was excellent.

Great work.

Thank you for professional service.

Thank you for professional service.

Money well spent; I am glad NEASA is on my team.

Love PE office! Best legal advisors in SA!

Very fair and impartial.

Excellent service and assistance.

Did his job with ease and confidence.

Extremely efficient – always a pleasure to deal with.

I find the support that we receive from your Port Elizabeth Branch Advisors exceptional.

Excellent service as always.

Stephan is extremely professional and easy to work with.

Always on top of their game. Thanks for excellent service.

Great service.

Thank you for your prompt service and advice.

Gerrit is very professional and helpful. I’m always at ease when he’s assisting me with labour issues.

Baie dankie vir julle uitstekende diens.

Thank you for a smooth disciplinary process.

Thank you for professional service.

We were delighted to have the backing of NEASA in the form of Dewald Coetzee and the translator, Clifford.

Always great service. Deal with all the legal advisors and never had a let-down. Thank you, Neasa PE.

Have found your firm to be really friendly and efficient in resolving all our HR problems. Very professional and definitely commendable.

Ivette is completely professional and enjoy working with her.

Stephan has handled the matter very professionally and has been a pleasure to work with.

Angelique dealt with the matter in hand in a professional and fair manner.


Your service is highly appreciated.

We were pleased with her professionalism in handling our questions.

Excellent service; will recommend him to anybody.

Was insiggewend en professioneel.

Great service.

Excellent and commendable as well.


Always excellent.

Very professional, understanding and calm.

Professional yet understanding – Very happy with them.

Very happy.

I was impressed by the way she handled the situation.

Suretha explained everything thoroughly and she was very professional all the way. Also gave good advice regarding the case.

Keep on!

Pieter was firm and fair. Dealt with all issues raised.

Great advice.

This is the second time Jay-Dee assisted us and I find him very professional and authoritative – he does an excellent job. Thank you.

Excellent service.


Excellent service; glad to be a member of Neasa.

Keep up the professionalism.

She handled the hearing in a professional manner and got straight down to the facts.

Very professional and informative.

Managed the discussion with ease and a professional approach.

Very Friendly, very helpful. The lady was very professional and knows her work very well.

Gerrit’s support during the Con/Arb was very professional and I am very satisfied with the outcome of the case. Gerrit is always helpful and keeps things calm. Thank you!

They were absolutely amazing. Highly professional, friendly, and well equipped.

Very professional.

Marchell has always provided practical and professional advice where we have lacked the necessary expertise ourselves.

Very professional and effective approach to solving a very difficult challenge.

Christine was excellent, professional and straight forward.

Appreciated process and met with my expectations.

Very professional, as always.

Very professional and patient.

Always professional and well prepared

Good and efficient service, thank you.

Always impressed with the advisers sent to us. Always professional.

Leanie was very professional and explained the process very clearly and was a great help in keeping the process fair and pleasant. She was a pleasure to work with and I would gladly call on her services again.


Was very professional.

Extremely knowledgeable and fair.

Excellent work done.

The meeting was excellent.

He was very professional and conducted the hearing fairly.

Nichole is very professional.

Michael is knowledgeable, competent and is firm when handling issues with the union. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Not knowing what to do or how, Michael helped us with ideas and decisions.

She’s wonderful.

Not knowing what to do or how, Michael helped us with ideas and decisions.

We received really sound advice and the outcome was very good.


Highly efficient and a pleasure having dealings with him.

Christine has excellent negotiating skills an ability to communicate information in a way that all levels can understand the law and process.

He is professional, intelligent and friendly.

Very efficient and confident.

Company interest at heart was shown by Legal Advisor.

Like working with her, he advice and knowledge is very good

Louise was really good in handling our recent activities. What gave me comfort was that she had backup whenever she wasn’t sure about a procedure and had answers within a hour or two.

Brilliant service.

Conducted the meeting professionally and gave a very detailed report.

Very professional, efficient, skilled and knows his job well. A pleasant person.

Michael was great, efficient and to the point.

Our exceptions were met. Very pleased with your service.

Olli, the interpreter was also 5 stars.