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Testimonials 2021

Very impressed and she is very professional thank you for good service to our house today.

Very efficient and fair. A pleasure to work with.

He was professional and equitable to all parties concerned.

Excellent service.

Well-spoken and very helpful.

Leanie was extremely professional and helpful from day one…we highly appreciate the service.

Anrich is very professional and attentive towards his clients. He always has his client’s best interest in mind.

Professional as always – always a pleasure working with Leanie.

Friendly, helpful, spot on advice.

Francoise made us all extremely relaxed with his professionalism during the hearing.


He responded quickly to our legal matter and advised us accordingly.

Yvonne is always very professional and a real pleasure to deal with. One of the best.

I wouldn’t want another advisor as he is perfect with every issue I have and also his work ethic is commendable. He is punctual and proactive in obtaining the desired result. We are very satisfied with him as our advisor.

As always a pleasure.

She is outstanding in everything she does. Liezl is committed, loyal and always sacrifices for WOA. I would not change her as my legal advisor and ONLY WANT HER. Other legal advisors should take notes from her on the way she carries herself out and how thorough she is. She always goes the extra mile to ensure you are happy but keeping within the law. Well done and don’t stop what you are doing.

Lianne is always willing to listen at any time and give advice. She is professional in all she does.

You guys are magnificent.

Ivette is absolutely fantastic, she is very professional and very honest & straight forward, these qualities are truly valued.

Anrich is very professional, He knows how to deal with parties in a hearing in a way to ensure the correct outcome that is fair towards all parties.

Excellent as always with Ivette, very professional.

Hy is deeglik en handel die saak vinnig en noukeurig af.

Petria is a very professional, stern and composed Legal Advisor. It was a pleasure to work with her and I will be recommending her with all our branches in Gauteng.

Francois was professional, clear and to the point. He considered all areas of concerns and was completely able to assist me.

When it comes to Christo Engelbrecht all we can say is he is the best for us.

A formal person, treat everyone with respect, very professional when it comes to her work. Very knowledgeable towards her job. Handle her work very professional. Good personality

Took a fair decision towards the person. Very professional.

Mike assessed the situation accurately and acted professionally.

Handled the case with extreme professionalism and in a friendly manner.

Great service and answers all our questions in a well-spoken professional manner.

The Legal advisor was very professional and showed a thorough knowledge of the process.

I am so impressed with the professionalism of Joshua and Aubrey, the interpreter. They handled the meeting perfectly. Much appreciated.

Annelie was exposed to a hearing wherein the “accused” employee threw allegations of a very sensitive nature about colleagues instead of defending the misconduct. NEASA’s handling and professional assessment, findings and sanction decisions are exceptional and very professional. Thank you Annelie/NEASA.

Always helpful and willing to be patient to hear out our issues of concern.

The legal advisor explained the situation to the employees in such a way that they understood it but did not take their nonsense, she was firm and took a potentially volatile situation and made it much easier to handle.

Rene demonstrated great maturity in her approach of facilitating the process and the advice given. She is calm and clear minded on her opinions on the matter.

Absolutely brilliant.

Professional service from a gentleman who understands Labour laws.

Great guy with great skills. very pleasant and always happy to work with him.

Mr. C Engelbrecht always goes out of his way with all our matters, his service to us is always excellent. I have called him after hours and even on a weekend and he always answers or returns my calls. It is always a pleasure working with Christo.

He was a no-nonsense guy, fair, strict, clear and to the point.

The legal advisor gave excellent advice and was ready for the fight!

Evan is professional, reliable, knowledgeable and a likeable person.

Hamman handled the hearing very professionally and it is always a pleasure to work with him.

It’s nice to work with Hamman. Very professional.

The legal advisor handled a very difficult Employee surprisingly well.

I am so grateful for having this service available! Not only are the advisors exceptionally well trained, they are always available for assistance and guidance. Highly appreciated.

Very satisfied, Rynard was very well organized and handled the hearing in a very professional way.

The legal advisor grasped the matter immediately, listened & gave concise instructions on going forward.

I received all the discussed documentations and notes within hours of our meeting!

Mr. Hayward was very firm during the process and did not take any sides. Keep up the professionalism Mr. Hayward.

The experience was very professional as always, and Hamman was excellent at his task.

Professional and very helpful. Knows the rules and laws.

Mike was the perfect choice for a case that dealt with hard evidence and documentation. Professional and well handled, thank you.

She will definitely go the extra mile – no matter what time of the day, she will always give us feedback and advice regarding important labour issues. Actually all of your PE branch consultants are awesome. We changed from a previous labour company, and we never looked back. You really have a fantastic team here.

Thank you Bobby for your assistance and good advice. You were professional and efficient!

Neasa makes doing my job a whole lot easier – they are amazing.

Marchell Heyns is the best advisor we have had. She is so dynamic and professional. We actually really care for Marchell as she always goes the extra mile for our company and this is much appreciated.

Anrich has been very helpful with a difficult situation that is still ongoing.

Hans was excellent in handling the matter.

Very impressed with the helpful knowledge given and added documentation supplied to ensure we are operating with the right contracts and with the ease of communication and pace so that we could follow and understand. Found the time extremely valuable and most grateful – thank you.

Very satisfied and as we expect this case to be referred, the reasons were well explained and we feel confident with the outcome!

Baie goeie diens van Nadine, Mylissa en Hans gekry, en ons sal hulle enige tyd aanbeveel.

Thanks to the team, especially Anrich he is a true professional who is knowledgeable in his field. He is undoubtedly an asset to have in your team. He was easy to communicate with and his advice was very sound and his guidance top rated. We have surely benefited from his assistance by making the correct informed decisions. We will definitely recommend your services to others. One extremely happy and satisfied customer.

This office has always treated me with professionalism and best assistance.

Very happy with all staff that assisted me so far, thanks for the great service and fast response.

Very good knowledge, she answered all my questions professionally. She is a partner in our business.

The legal advisor was very professional and he understands the needs of his clients.

Fast, friendly and efficient service.

Mr. Andrews displayed professionalism and dedication to the matter at hand and went above and beyond. My overall impression interacting with the PE office is very good.

The legal advisor was professional and handled the case very professionally and the outcome as well as the way that it was presented was done timeously, neatly and met my expectations.

Baie professioneel en behulpsaam.

Kobus was patient and extremely helpful, and very commendable.

We are satisfied with the assistance and knowledge of the consultant and wish to pursue the current process and future assistance and guidance with the consultant, thank you.

Francois is excellent and always willing to assist. Great to have him.

Excellent service once again. They are always prepared to assist.

By far the best consultant I have dealt with. The way the meeting was run was exceptional.

I have been a member of another employers’ association for many years and cannot believe the high degree of professionalism experienced with Mr. Terblanche/Arinda/NEASA. A problem employee who I had been burdened with for many years has finally been dismissed. Further, it is the first time there has been an interpreter at a hearing.

He addresses the issue straight to the point but was fair to both parties.

Very professional made both parties feel comfortable that the best outcome will be reached.

Good listener, explained everything in a way that the staff member could understand.

The hearing was handled with utmost professionalism, feedback and advise was, in my opinion very fair to all parties, I am very happy with the service.

Professional, knowledgeable and supportive towards the employee and employer. Thank you.

Thank you Christo for always helping us!

Bianca was very professional.

Lianne was incredibly patient and helpful during our meeting as well as during our telephone calls afterwards.

Leanie was lovely and so easy to deal with!

Grant is always responsive and available to assist us with our HR issues. This is valuable to us as we try to navigate difficult times with our labour force.

This fellow is an asset to your organisation

Arline, very very professional and always friendly.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and give professional advice.

She did a fine job and was able to perform admirably without prior consultation, other than the few minutes we were seated and waiting before the arbitration. It is understandable that when replacing another consultant in an emergency, it would be difficult to take up the reins unexpectedly, yet she took on the matter flawlessly.

Tim is a lot better at controlling his emotions during arbitration than myself. When Tim and I are confronted with an opposition party, with arrogance and that completely overestimates their own intelligence and importance, I find it difficult to swallow the sheer offence which that misplaced self-importance creates, especially when they blatantly lie and haughtily look down upon us during that lie. It is a great help to have someone of such stability next to you when your blood pressure rises, and you may respond to your own detriment. His legal knowledge is sound and our relationship is strong. He indulges my sometimes unnecessary input with great patience and does not dismiss my logic without the proper contemplation. I believe Tim Andrews displays the perfect balance between formality and familiarity, which is in my opinion exactly what the strive for professionalism requires.

We are totally satisfied with Christo Engelbrecht. He always goes the extra mile in all our matters.

Francois is extremely helpful and he has a passion for his work. We enjoy working with him.

Loved and appreciated the professionalism she portrayed throughout as well as her empathy.

Ross was excellent, professional, and very well educated with regards to labour law.

Loved and appreciated the professionalism she portrayed throughout as well as her empathy.

Liezl has a wonderful disposition yet maintains her high standard of professionalism. She is helpful and, in my view, goes the extra mile to advise and assist regardless of time even if we as clients impose on her private time. I admire her ability to show employees that she is unbiased, she is willing to advise them and gives them a fair hearing.

The level of professionalism shown by Peter must be placed on record. He has carried himself out in a level that has exceeded our expectations beyond all aspects. His attention to detail, excellent use of intellectual and legal terminology and timeous communication is commendable and recognized by myself, our leadership team and the Director. This has given us such comfort in the case that he is currently handling. Peter has also went over and above the call of duty to ensure all documents were submitted due to the importance and urgency that this particular case has entailed. Well done Peter! Please continue to serve as you have done here. God Bless you, your company, and your family.

Anrich is an impressive young man and handle difficult situations extremely well.

Always willing to assist, give advice and mentor us through any HR journey we may be on – thank you guys for all the assistance.

Pieter is very knowledgeable and professional, he is a pleasure to work with.

Simone Le Roux is conversant and meticulous

Lianne was very professional when engaging with our staff and able to pitch her talk at the correct level for our business. Her willingness to change to an earlier date at short notice is much appreciated. I hope not to see Lianne for a long time (because if we do it means we have an issue with a staff member), but I certainly won’t hesitate to contact her if and when we do have any staff issues. Lianne, thanks for all the help you have given me in preparation for the discussions with our staff. You made it simple and easy to understand and I really feel empowered with regards to contracts and policies and procedures going forward. Keep well.

Simone Le Roux is conversant and meticulous.

She is very professional and Paragon enjoys working with her so much that we often request her specifically to chair hearings for us.

They assisted us in a meeting with our staff in order to obtain the signature of all the contracts of employment without any difficulty as all was explained and the staff could raise any concerns which was explained with ease. Thank you for the service herein. Much appreciated.