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Testimonials 2022

Very professional, and to the point. Work well done.


Bianca was exceptional professional and thorough during the hearing and dealing with accused, complainant and witnesses. Highly recommendable.

Very professional especially given the circumstances.

Yvonne is always willing to assist in any and all problems our company may have and handles it with the utmost professionalism.

Leanie is an excellent legal advisor.


Leeanne was fantastic, very helpful & knowledgeable…. 10/10

Calm and controlled under duress from Union official aggression, hearing handled with equal professionalism and control.

Extremely helpful, friendly, willing to assist & explained everything in a simple but professional manner.

Earl is a consummate professional and his service was of the highest standard.

Very friendly and helpful.


Always professional.

Very professional, great service as always!

Pleased with the service.

Gerrit is very professional in his duty! TOPS!!

Gerrit is the best!! Professional and very good at his work!

Very professional, 100% according to the book and on time. Thank you.

Good Service.

Service, attitude & knowledge was great. Handled himself very well.

Consultant service was excellent.

Prepared me for process of retrenchment of one employee.

I love Chanté’s simplicity how she explains the law & rules to us and also her patience with us who still needs to learn a lot about the Labour Law.


Your Port Elizabeth staff always go the extra mile!


He handled the situation very well.

Grant always meets and exceeds our expectations.

Jaco knows what he is doing.

Very professional and very knowledgeable.

Well done to Mike, he is a professional advisor.

It was a pleasure to engage with Raymond – very thorough and professional.

Igma goes the extra mile to assist always. She is always ready to help..

Always good and of value to interact with NEASA.

I was really impressed with Anrich very professional. 


Always good and of value to interact with NEASA.

Raymond is very professional, and I enjoyed working with him.


Very professional and did a great job !

Rudo shows enthusiasm and is very attentive to the issue at hand. A pleasure to engage with!

Very professional, explained well to myself and the employee.

Excellent as always dealing with PE Office.

Excellent work by Neasa.

Always professional.

Annelie was professional and assisted Disen Engineering cc on very short notice.

Always professional.

Ivan is clear and objective

Ivan was en is ‘n man wat trots het in sy werk. As ons hom bel vir advies gee hy altyd goeie advies en indien hy onseker is oor iets kom hy altyd terug na my dieselfde dag nog. As ek hom skakel oor naweke of enige tyd maak hy altyd tyd vir my en bly baie professioneel.

Always professional.

Very professional.

Always very grateful for all NEASA staff.

Very Professional. Thank you.

Extremely efficient and professional.

Always excellent.

Anrich always gives 10 out of 10 service.


Great meeting you Grant. Thank you for the extremely professional manner in which you chaired the hearing.


Very professional.

Dependable, respectful and on time. Thank You.

Always excellent and professional. Thank you.

I have worked with Annelie on a professional basis ever since she was employed at Neasa and am always thoroughly impressed by her commitment to client service.

Adele is very professional and she has the ability to adapt to any culture to best express herself.

Very professional and helpful.

Very professional, on time and well prepared.

Mr Pretorius is a real asset to NEASA. He is professional, patient, compassionate and thorough. I have been most impressed with his willingness to assist my illiterate worker to understand his situation. He is not patronising in any way, and ensures that the worker is comfortable and respected. I am very grateful to him for his help.

Always receive excellent service

Very professional and assisted very well.


She knows her field of work and did an excellent job.

All relevant points were addressed and kept to what was needed to be said. Stayed on topic.

I was most impressed with the friendly and efficient service we received from your PE branch.


Kobus Hayward is very professional and has ability to communicate and explain legal terms in layman terms.

Very professional and easy to communicate with.

Hans was very clear with his communication skills. Kept things concise and interesting.

The prompt yet compassionate delivery of information during the hearing was great.

Excellent, helpful and accommodating.

Brilliant service in all regards!


Great adviser.

Adele is very professional with exceptional people’s skills. Your company is lucky to have her in your employ.

Thank you for always helping and assisting when we need you.


Leanie always conducts herself in a very professional and sufficient manner.


Handled the disciplinary case very well.

Kobus was friendly, yet professional and a pleasure to work with.

Always willing to help, very good service .

Keep up the great work!   

Always willing to assist and advise. Quick responses to requests. Excellent and professional service.

Great service.

As always Mrs. Enslin exhibits the utmost professionalism.

This is what I have come to expect from her, always excellent service!!

Mr Oosthuizen went above and beyond to help settle a matter. Mr Oosthuizen is highly professional and gave sound advice.

She is an expert.

Calm and helpful.

Was extremely satisfied.

Mrs. Scheepers handled herself in a professional manner.

Very happy with his service.

Overall excellent service.

Very professional and helpful.

Always a pleasure to work with Annelie.

Kobus was professional at his job.


She is extremely professional and meets all customer requirements

Francois was very professional is addressing the enquiries from my staff.

Ivette was fantastic, she even went the extra mile when technology gave her problems.

Questions were answered and she was friendly. She gave as much information as possible.

Made the process simple. Perfect.

Always professional.

Leani always gives us the best advice, and she is always on time for her meetings.

Highest standard of professionalism and service by both consultants.

He is an expert, in chairing a disciplinary enquiry, very experienced.

Very professional.

Very competent advisor who handled our case incredibly well. He was a pleasure to work with and did a phenomenal job.

He is an expert, in chairing a disciplinary enquiry, very experienced.

Very Professional and competent.

Very professional and made sure that everyone understood clearly what he was asking and saying. He also gave everyone more than one occasion to ask questions or add something if they wanted to.

He is very professional and a great comfort to have him representing us.

Marchell was absolutely amazing and caring, making sure the witnesses felt comfortable prior to the potential hearing. She was also instrumental in coming to a settlement and avoiding further trauma to parties involved. If I ever need assistance again, I hope to have Marchell on my side!

It is an absolute pleasure working with Gerrit Fyver. In spite of his daily hectic schedule he still finds time in the day to take our calls, return calls, coach us and render unquestionably quality service. Gerrit has not kept us waiting for too long. He even takes a call when he is at CCMA and gives us service on the turn with a smile on his face. Thumbs up Gerrit.

Very professional and I am extremely satisfied.

He was calm and made me calm.

He always understands our needs and issues and he always gets the message thru to my staff as needed, very happy with his services.

Knowledgeable on subject matter and straight to the point.

Excellent Service.

Always a pleasure to work with.

Knowledgeable on subject matter and straight to the point.

Excellent Service.

Highly recommended.

Thanks for the support always much appreciated.

Stephan was great and was very professional.

Always a pleasure to work with Yvonne.

Thank you for the detail and care shown to our company and the very clear reports that allow us to action and work together – thank you.

Very clear and professional and a pleasure to work with – thank you.

Clear and professional reports backs and advise = thank you.

Will recommend her anytime and if i could have my way with further disciplinary hearings would like her to be the chairperson she really goes out of her way.

Will recommend her anytime and if i could have my way with further disciplinary hearings would like her to be the chairperson she really goes out of her way.

I have only ever dealt with Leanie at NEASA. She is incredible, always. She assisted me with an arbitration last year and wow! She was amazing! For the first time, I really felt I had someone on my side. She was professional, efficient, punctual, soft but fierce when she needed to be. NEASA is truly blessed to have her and so am I. Thank you.

He is very professional and represent both clients with undivided loyalty within the bounds of the Labour Law.

Very professional.

Francois is top-notch and always willing to share knowledge.

Handled the disruptive Union official very professionally and she was very knowledgeable in the category she represented us.

Very professional and clear.

Igma is so efficient and prompt and responds to us on the turn.

We appreciated that Anrich made time for us, even dealing with email correspondence and phone calls after hours when there were deadlines to consider.

The professionalism makes one feel comfortable.

Case was handled very professionally.

Excellent service as usual!

Willem is very calm, collected and professional!

Francois was very professional and very helpful.

She was exceptional and extremely professional. If the scale was 1-10 she was an 11!

His professionalism and the knowledge of the labour laws and its implementation exceeded our expectation.

She is very professional and always willing to assist. I remember Yvonne from my previous workplace and many years after we opened an electrical wholesaler and she stuck to my mind and i got into contact with her. Lovely Lady to work with

Zietze was absolutely exceptional in handling a hearing with a staff member that was particularly difficult for me. He was calm to the point and provided the highest level of advice.

Leanie was very professional in the whole process. Great work!

Very professional and patient.


All the correct questions asked from both sides. Friendly, but stern, if needed, with both parties. No wasting of time, but plenty of opportunity for the parties to explain themselves.


We appreciated the care Anrich took to properly understand our situation.

Klaus was calm and patient in dealing with two hearings back-to-back, each case somewhat ‘difficult’.

Provided solutions and sound advice and a way forward.


As the Chairperson he did not display any biasness for both parties, he took into consideration all evidence from the complainant and the respondent.


Keep up the good work!

He is very professional in his approach and advise us on the way forward.

It was very professional and easy dealing with Earl. I, on behalf of the company, felt he did a great job of explaining the process of the inquiry to myself and our staff member.

Marchell handled a sensitive situation very professionally.

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Very professional, knowledgeable as are all your advisors.

Chairperson was rated as very good by the Initiator, was pleasant and courteous towards employee and complainant and witnesses.

Professional in all facets of her work.