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Dear employer

Unfortunately, thanks to B-BBEE, thousands of competent South African companies are denied contracts of service and provision of products based on their non-compliance. However, this unfair ‘second economy’ created by B-BBEE should no longer prevent competent companies from growing their businesses in South Africa.

More often than not, B-BBEE causes commodity prices and the prices of service delivery to soar, due to the fact that the businesses that can deliver the product or service in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, are disqualified from doing so, based on their non-compliance with B-BBEE.

Although NEASA, in principle, does not support, nor agree with B-BBEE, we are offering a solution to businesses to become B-BBEE compliant, in order to open new business avenues for them, without them having to sacrifice ownership or management control of their business, at the fraction of the cost that B-BBEE compliance usually costs.  

This B-BBEE solution includes the benefit of significantly minimising the cost of a company’s Skills Development spend in order to become or remain B-BBEE compliant. 

If being compliant with B-BBEE will allow your company to acquire business that you are currently unable to obtain, or you are interested in knowing how NEASA can finally assist you with your B-BBEE challenges, please complete the following short survey.

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