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Dear NEASA member

Time flies. When things are easy, you want time to stand still. When things are difficult, you just want time to pass. Time, however, simply presses on – relentlessly. Time is not intimidated; it waits for nothing or nobody.

When fear of what the dark clouds hold causes you to stop, time simply moves on. When trepidation causes you to stop or slow down, that is when time is wasted – never to be retrieved. Looking back one day, stopping or hesitating will be your biggest regret – not your failures.

So, press forward, regardless of the mountain or the sea ahead of you. As long as you persevere, the path before you will open, inch by inch, day by day. Tomorrow’s breakthroughs do not happen today; they are reserved for tomorrow. The moment you give up, however, the road closes, the outcome vanishes. That is when you lose.



Do not allow anything to prevent you from living your life and fulfilling your calling to the fullest.

Dear NEASA member, thank you for your support this year. You were our partners in achieving great things. Also, thank you for granting us the privilege to serve you.

For a word of encouragement, I invite you to read my latest blog.

May God protect and bless you.

Kind Regards



Privileged and challenged to be South African.
We are all in this together.