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I am looking at a photo of my just over one year old grandson on holiday with my children; they’re on the beach. Merely playing on the beach is, however, not good enough for him; he is continuously walking, even crawling away from them towards the sea; on his own, not looking back. Somehow he just knows they are watching over him; he has no care in the world because built into him is the knowledge, no, more than that, the certainty, that his parents care. He can take on the big ocean because he just knows he is safe.

He opts for danger, because that’s how he is created; that’s how he, in fact all children, are wired. Exploring and taking on danger is part of his DNA. Taking risks come natural for a child. Little children will take on anything, even the mighty ocean.

In front of him looms a life full of danger and risk. He is called and equipped to take it on. He does not as yet understand the dangers of life; and that is good, because the so-called dangers, which rob us of a full life, result in us creeping into our shells and believing the lies.

Abundant life is often hidden in the dangers around us. Opportunities often come disguised as challenges, going where other hesitate; taking on challenges where the outcome is uncertain. It’s about trading in the deep waters, grasping the truth which the author of Psalms so wonderfully described when he talked about those brave hearts who go out to the see in ships, those who trade in the mighty waters, those who are then rewarded by seeing the works of the Lord, His wonderful deeds in the deep.

The treasure of life is hidden in the deep waters. Keep on playing in shallow, safe waters and you’ll miss it.

Why do we shy away from risk and danger when it is exactly where we see and experience the fullness of our destiny?

Coming into this world we start off so well, so brave; but as we grow older we get scared, to the point where we are scared of everything. We’re taught to be careful and to shy away from danger. We are robbed of living our potential. Piece by piece the full life is stolen from us because we are cautioned not to trade in the deep.

The answer lies in becoming a child again, turning against those false perceptions, pursuing our dreams, constantly becoming more of who we really are, regardless of what life throws at us.

If you do that, the crown of this life is awaiting you. Go!!

– Gerhard Papenfus