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by Gerhard Papenfus

Dear employer

The Workmen Compensation Fund and the complete lack of service and competence from this entity, have been, and remains a source of great frustration and misery for employers.

NEASA has been inundated with complaints about, and experienced first-hand, the total regression of the Compensation Fund into a dysfunctional, non-accountable shell of its former self.

Despite engaging officials, at the highest levels of government, on the myriad of issues plaguing the Workmen Compensation Fund, our pleas have seemingly fallen on deaf ears as the situation is clearly not improving.

We are of the view that taking this fight into the public domain might cause the relevant decision makers to take some action.

To this end, we request employers to share with NEASA their frustrations and the obstacles they encounter in dealing with the Fund in order to demonstrate the widespread dysfunctionality occurring at this entity.

Please click here to share your experience by no later than 12 November 2019.

The identities of all participants will be kept strictly confidential.

Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA).

Kind Regards

NEASA Media Department

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